PLA 2.0

For the analysis of parallel-line assays and parallel-logistics assays
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Stegmann Systems is proud to announce the availability of PLA 2.0, a commercial off-the shelf software package for the analysis of parallel-line and parallel-logistics assays. PLA 2.0 is the successor of the well-known PLA 1.2 software.
PLA 2.0 is a fully suited software package for the fast and efficient analysis of parallel-line assays and parallel-logistics assays. It matches todays requirements for advanced assay analysis software.
Key Features:
Proven statistics for the easy execution of parallel-line and parallel-logistics analytics
PLA 2.0 is easy to learn, easy to use and to deploy
Intelligent design supports daily tasks
The user interface is designed for efficiency
Integrated installation of the whole system
Set up templates to define your favorite methods
Ad-hoc Data Analysis: Explore your assay on the screen and apply different methods to them.
Advanced Data Management: Assay Data is organized in databases for fast and secure access. Set up any number of databases and share your data across the network.
Assay Documentation Features allow you to document necessary meta data.
High Quality Graphics
Perfect and Secure Reporting. Standard calculation reports are created as secured Adobe PDF files. Report Templates for Microsoft Word and Excel are also available.
Technical and scientific support by Stegmann Systems

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